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M10 Filter Holder by Haida

Author: Isabella Tabacchi

As Haida filter brand ambassador I had the pleasure to be one of the first photographers to test the new holder kit from Haida: the M10.

Haida is among the best rated brands producing filters in the World, especially thanks to the great price-quality evaluation; I was very curious to test the M10 kit, also because I wished something confortable after the old generation of holders.


What's included in M10 filter holder kit?

I received a package one week ago. Inside there was the M10 kit with a nice eco leather case included.

The Haida filter M10 holder kit includes:

-The adapter ring that should be mounted on the lens. The size of the ring is suitable to the different diameters of the lenses. For example my adapter ring is 77mm, adaptable to the Hasselblad XCD 30 lens.

-Light barrier or Round filter that you can drop into the space between the adapter ring and the holder. The filter can be an ND, GND, CPL or Clear Night. I received a CPL and an ND 1000x (this one in a different pack).

-The filter holder in which you can insert the square filters.


Is M10 filter holder easy to mount?

It's very easy and quick to mount the M10 holder on your lens. You've only to follow these steps: 

1.Screw the adapter ring on your lens.

2.Pull not so heavy the little red lever and insert the holder on the adapter ring.

3.Insert the light barrier or the Drop-in Round filter; you only have to push on the red buttons in the upper part of the filter.


How is the performance of the M10 holder?

I tested the new M10 holder in one of the most addicted places in the most addicted season: a little river in Winter. I chose Val Venegia, a little valley in front of the majestic Pale di San Martino mountains, part of the Dolomitesin Italy. So, I was able to test the capability of the filter and the holder of the M10 kit.

I mounted very quickly the adapter ring and the holder, and also the drop-in round filter.

The holder and also the filter never dropped, so I was able to capture my images undisturbed. Furthermore, I forgot for a while that I had a filter holder mounted on my Hasselblad XCD 30 lens.

Also, the M10 is very light. In fact the "Aviation Grade" aluminium of the M10 filter holder is much lighter than the metal that constituted the old generation of filter holders.


How is the performance of the M10 Drop-in Round filters?

The performance of the filters that can accompany the M10 holder is great.

In Val Venegia I used the CPL and the ND 3.0 (1000x) filters, also alone, to verify if they had issues and study their characteristics.

They both create a silk effect on the moving water, very soft and clean; it contrasts the strenght of the rocks and the ice and the effect is amazing.

The image on the left is a detail taken from a shot I took using Haida M10 filter holder and Hasselblad X1D. My purpose is to show you the effect of these filters on the water.

The color cast is not a problem of the M10 Drop-in round filters because the colors are so realistic and there's no difference with the images taken without the filters.

haida long.JPG


Since some years I was waiting a comfortable holder system like this: very easy and quick to install on the lens and resistant, but also light.

I'm looking forward to test it during my usual trip in Lofoten Islands, in February, where it's easy to test really the resistance of the filters and the holder with very low temperatures and in a really frozen scenery; so stay tuned and follow my adventures on Instagram.

The launch of the M10 filter holder is on January 1st 2019 so I will update this review as soon as possible with all the best online stores where you can buy this brand new holder kit.

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