About Us


Haida launched the M10 and M15 holder system. Once again, renewed the design of common holders. Haida brings convenient and professional photographic tools to all the professional and enthusiastic photographers.


In the well-known UK Photography magazine, Digital SLR Photography, Germany famous Photography magazine Canon Foto's, Haida ND filters compared as number one with all other photographic filters.


In 2015, Haida Filter hit number one for photographic filter sales on Amazon in Germany.

Red-Diamond Series

After 2 years, our R&D team constantly communicated with domestic and foreign photographers, and cooperated effectively to create new technologies. At the China P&E exhibition in May 2018, the new “Red Diamond” series of filters was launched.


In 2013, Haida took the worldwide leader in developing Multi-coating optical glass Graduated ND filters which are now a worldwide standard.


In 2012 Haida introduced the second generation “PROII Multi-coating Variable ND filter”, which had the extra performance of being waterproof and oil proof.


Haida Filter successfully launched the first generation of PROII Multi-coating ND filters, which quickly took over the European market.

PROII Multi-Coating Series

Haida launched the first generation of PROII series multiple coating film digital filter, which seized the European market immediately.


Haida introduced PROII optical glass filter with multi-coating which reduced filter reflection and prevent glare. Nowadays, PROII series is still popular in the market.  PROII series is one of Haida's most classic products.


In 2008, Haida Filter was showcased to the world at Photokina, “The world's premier photo imaging Trade Fair”.  What a huge success it was.


Haida was established in 2007

NanoPro Variable ND

Haida launched the 4th generation Variable ND filter, which comes with Nano-coating on both sides, and super wide-angle design.