Haida 2020 Summer Photo Contest


The 6th Haida Summer Photo Contest Rules

Welcome to the Haida 2020 Summer Photo Contest! First of all, thanks for coming to our website. We're honor to have you here with us and join the competition. Please upload your photo through the link down below:


Organizer: Ningbo Haida Photo Supplies Co., Ltd.


Accsoon: Accsoon focus on gimbal and realtime wireless video transmitter,unleashing your creativity!

7ArtisansAs a company founded in 2015, 7Artisans has been managing to achieve unprecedented success in lens manufacturing. It now has 13 different models of lenses for mirrorless cameras such as Sony, Fujifilm, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus, and Leica.

Desview: Desview is a brand specialized in produces and sells the field & broadcast monitors and teleprompters, aims to provide a professional device for users.

FotoproFotopro is an award winning global brand that designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of photographic equipment for professional photographers.

Lensgo: Founded in 2012, Lensgo pursues to creative audio accessories manufacturer.provide a full series of audio products like wireless microphone,shotgun microphone,broadcast microphone,lavalier microphone,live usb microphone which is unique and fashionable.

YC OnionYC Onion is a technology Company devotes to developing a wide range of innovative and well-designed camera accessories, and names products after food for the close relation between human and food.

Yololiv: Yololiv is a live streaming tech company in China that aims to make professional quality live streaming simple yet affordable. 

Zhiyun TechZhiyun Tech is a pioneer and a world leader in gimbals and stabilizers for both professional filmmakers and personal video creators. Zhiyun’s innovative solutions and dedication to delivering products that go beyond customers’ expectations strengthen the belief that everyone can be an excellent filmmaker with the right gimbal to equip with their shooting device. 

1. Participant:

  • --This photo contest is an international competition with no geographical or national restrictions.

  • --The photo contest will be submitted from 9:00 on August 7th to 17:00 on September 7th, 2020 (Pacific Time). The contestant will upload the work through the official link issued by Haida official website, Haida Facebook official, Haida Instagram official, Haida Twitter official. All photos must be submitted in electronic version, the electronic version of the standard see the following third article collection rules. The submission time of the contestants is based on the time that Haida officially received.

  • --Haida will invite the judges to select all the works in October 2020 and produce twelve winning entries.

  • --The winning results of the Haida 2020 Summer Photography Competition will be announced on Haida official website and on the official social media of Haida in October 2020. 

2. Event awards and prizes

  • --Award setting

    1 First prize, 2 Second prize, 3 Third prize, and 6 Finalist Prize

  • --Prizes for each award

      First Prize: 

     Haida M10 Master Kit + Fotopro X-Go Max professional tripod + Yololiv: YoloBox  +YC Onion: Chocolate Mini Slider + Lensgo wireless Microphone



     Second prize:

     Package 1: Haida M10 Professional Kit + Accsoon: CineEye Air + Desview R5 Monitor

     Package 2: Haida M10 Professional Kit + 7Artisans: 12mm f2.8 Lens + Accsoon: CineEye


      Third Prize: 

     Package 1: Haida M10 Enthusiast Kit + Zhiyun: Smooth X + YC Onion: Litchi L Cage 

     Package 2: Haida M10 Enthusiast Kit + Zhiyun: Smooth X + lensgo mini shotgun microphone + Fotopro uFO2 flexible tripod

     Package 3: Haida M10 Enthusiast Kit + Zhiyun: Smooth X + lensgo lavalier microphone + Fotopro uFO2 flexible tripod


      Finalist Prize*6

     $50 Amazon Gift Card + Haida Lens Hood 


3. Collection rules

  • --Photos need to be Landscape theme (Including cityscape,seascape,nightscape, mountainscape, and so on)

  • --Each contestant can upload up to 3 photos

  • --The uploaded photos must be submitted in .JPG, the file size is not less than 800KB, but cannot exceed 4 MB in size. Photographers must keep the original data files for use in the finalization.

  • --The entrant's report on the information related to this photo contest and the submission of the entry shall be deemed that the entrant fully understands the contents of this rule and is committed to accept the rules.

  • --All entries should be accompanied by a brief text description (including the name of the work, the author's name, contact information, camera, lens model). Please name the photo in the form of “Author name + Photo name”.

  • --All entries must be created by a single person and will not be accepted for collective creation.

  • --Entry must be the original work of the entrant and entrant must be the sole owner of the copyright of such entry. Entry must be in keeping with the Sponsors’ image and may not be inappropriate or offensive, as determined by the Sponsors in their sole discretion, nor can it defame or invade publicity rights or privacy of any person, living or deceased, or otherwise infringe upon any person’s personal or property rights or any other third-party rights. The Sponsors reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to disqualify any entry they deem to be offensive, inappropriate, that is not in keeping with Sponsors’ image or that is otherwise not in compliance with the terms of these Official Rules

  • --Participants are allowed to replace uploaded photos during the competition. (*Replacement is no longer allowed after submission deadline)

  • --If the entries submitted by different contestants are similar, the entrant should submit a true and valid proof of creation to the event party. If the entrant cannot prove that he is the real author of the work, the event party has the right to cancel the qualification. If it is not possible to judge the authenticity and validity of the creative certificate provided by the entrant, the event party has the right to cancel the qualification of the relevant work and ask the relevant entrant to resubmit other works. All disputes or disputes between the contestants due to the similarity of the works shall be resolved by the entrants themselves, and the disputes or disputes shall not be related to the photo contest and its organizer.

  •  --All entries can use the software to do the necessary post-processing (including conversion to JPEG format, and color fine-tuning in the conversion format) without changing the original appearance of the work, but it is not possible to change the original appearance by using synthetic methods. If the organizer judges that the work does not comply with the provisions of this Article and Article 8 by technical means, the relevant works will be disqualified.

4. Jury Team


5. Activity considerations

  • --The Organiser has the right to display/publish entries in the venues under the jurisdiction of the Internet, entertainment and cultural affairs, in the publications of the Main Board and other promotional channels, without paying any copyright fees or remuneration to the participants.

  • --The entrant must have the copyright of the photo and should obtain the permission to use the portrait of the person included in the photo and other necessary licenses before submitting the work, and must ensure that the submitted photo does not infringe the copyright of any third party. Other rights and interests such as portrait rights, reputation rights, privacy rights, trademark rights, trade name rights, etc., otherwise the entrant shall bear all the responsibilities. If the loss is caused to the activity party, the total loss of the activity party shall also be compensated.

  • --The submitted work must be taken by the entrant himself. The information provided by the entrant regarding the solicitation of the work shall be true, accurate and valid, and the unintended consequences caused by the information provided by the participants themselves or their own illegal acts shall be borne by themselves. If the activity party suffers losses due to violation of the legal rights of any third party, the activity party has the right to request the entrant who submitted the work to be liable for damages.

  • --The photo contest does not charge any fees. The organizer will not return the draft, contestants must save the original entries.

  • --The results of the competition shall be subject to the final judgment of the jury, and the participants shall not object.

  • --The staff of the event and other organization staff of the activities related to this photo contest shall not participate in this photo contest.

5. Final draft and selection

Ningbo Haida Photo Supplies Co., Ltd.

2020. July. 30th