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Tips of Choosing Suitable Filters

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Jungle Photography Tips


Welcome to the jungle! Wilderness photography, jungle photography, landscape photography, all of these genres have something in common. You're outdoors.  

Perhaps you don't have a rainforest outside your front door, and that's okay. The same jungle photography tips for extreme locations translate into basic landscape photography tips that can help you make better images of your outdoors photography adventures. 

Let's get your creativity kick started with some helpful hints and jungle photography tips that include gear choices, techniques, and methods that can used to capture great images and video footage. 


How to Photograph Foggy Landscapes


Fog photography can make some beautiful images for ourselves and others to enjoy. Fog photography can be scenic landscapes, urban views, or focused on the nature of fog in itself. 

Each of these has its own unique characteristics and challenges, as well as fog photography tips for making it easier to capture what our mind's eye is seeing.


Types of Graduated ND Filters


Graduated neutral density filters are one of the neatest innovations to have come around in photography and photographic accessories. What types of types of graduated ND filters exist?  Is it easy to learn how to use a graduated ND filter? What are the benefits of a graduated ND filter for your photography?

Physical filters that fit on lenses have been in use since near the beginning of photography itself. Neutral density (ND) filters are often used in situations where exposure needs to be adjusted and using lens aperture, shutter speed, and film or sensor sensitivity does not give enough control.