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M15 Filter Holder Haida

Author: Teodoro Corbo

Videomaker Giovanni Di Gennaro


Extreme wide-angle lenses in which screw filters cannot be used have forced filter manufacturers to create larger filter holders and dedicated fixing rings.

That is why in this article I will talk about the new Haida m15 kit and magnetic filters.

I used the dedicated M15 kit on the Tamron 15-30

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Immediately we note the quality of the material, the m15 support is well built ready to withstand any extreme use. Since the dimensions and weight of the support are significantly higher than the M10, the small red tab for the release of the support has been replaced by a metal pin that does nothing but give you greater security.

Certainly the size and weight could be important constraints but from personal experience always remember to be wary of lightness, quality weighs! especially in terms of filters.


The assembly is very simple and fast, all you need to do is slide the piece onto the front of the lens and tighten the collar on the back of the adapter so that it locks around the lens. Once done, you can simply attach the mount to the ring using the single-pin locking mechanism similar to other mounts you may have used. and here all the magnetic filters that must be inserted first between the adapter and the support come into play.

M15 Assembly

Magnetic Filters

Magnetic filters are the focal point of this new m15 kit and there are various types:

CPL, Clear-Night, ND, ND + CPL

This new system was able to speed up and innovate the assembly of the kit itself thanks to magnetic filters.

In fact, magnetic filters do not need to be screwed in, you simply need to move them closer to the support, so the magnets activate the filter and mount it automatically.

The same applies to the removal of the filters, just push it outwards.


In Conclusion

Until now it is the best solution I've ever used, quality materials, solid, easy to assemble and use. Not to mention the exceptional quality of magnetic filters.

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