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Haida Filter Review - New M10 Filter Holder System and Red Diamond Series

Author: Mohamed Sharaf


The basics of a successful image start from shooting the image correctly in the field. It is here that the use of filters is so important, to give strength to the image and creativity to reveal the artistic vision of the landscape photographer.

When I started landscape photography in 2015, specializing in landscape photography, I was confronted by limitations with the available filters : color caste, expense, vegetating, reduced image sharpness. These limitations resulted in both time spent in photoshop correcting these problems, as well as reduced image quality. As a result, I decided to search for suitable filters at reasonable prces, that would give me high quality results without the problems I was facing. I finally found the Haida filters which delivered the results and quality I desired. In this article, I'll attempt to evaluate Haida filters on many criteria...

Nano Coating, Low Color Cast, Waterproof, Optical Glass, Design of Filter And more on the system.

Design of Filter Holder

When we look at the new design of the filter holder we see a major update which helps photographers take pictures faster than before. It is now possible to add the filter to the holder easier and faster than before by placing it using only two fingers as shown in the following. This speed of use can make the difference between taking or missing a shot, especially during the rapidly changing light of magic hour.



Also we find a thin holder at the installation, which helps to prevent the formation of vignette on the edges of the image.




This shot by Another brand Adapter 77mm


This shot by Haida M10 Adapter 77mm



Let's begin by explaining what is meant Nano coating for (A Nano coating refers to very fine, thin layers of polymeric chemical substances used to impart specific corrosion resistance, chemical and physical properties to a substrate surface. They are primarily used to charge the hydrophobic and/or oleophobic properties of a surface by applying a protective coating on a significantly small scale of several microns) So Haida company put this layer on the glass filters, which creates hardness and resistance to breakage, scratches and moisture. Landscape photographers are frequently exposed to harsh environmental conditions and the nano coating adds great resistance to these conditions. In addition, the nano coating has resulted in reducing the thickness of the glass lens, thereby reducing bulk and improving optical quality.


Low color cast

When using the filter with a long exposure of 3 to 4 minutes, there was no problem with color cast


ND3.0 + soft Graduated ND Filter with Long exposure 85s

Optical Glass

Haida use extremely high quality optical glass, resulting in no color deviations or loss of image sharpness.


Polarizer Filter

The Circular polarizing filter works to increase color saturation and decrease reflections — and is one of the only lens filters which cannot be replicated using digital photo editing.


Here I used polarizer Filter only for Increase reflection