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First Experience with Insert Filter


Previously, using a square filter scared me. This is because the square filter system is difficult to install on the lens. I thought it would cost me time and it would be difficult.

What is featured in Haida


The basics of a successful image start from shooting the image correctly in the field. It is here that the use of filters is so important, to give strength to the image and creativity to reveal the artistic vision of the landscape photographer.

Review: Haida M10 Filter Holder System


After testing their previous filter holder system, the 100-Pro, I'm pleased to see that some of my criticisms were taken into high consideration and greatly improved upon in the M10.

Review of the Haida M10 Filter Holder Kit & Red-Diamond Filters


We are always looking to show up the best RAW File before the post production, and i think the filters are a part really important in our process, we don't need to neglige the quality of them because this will affect the final result of our images.

Haida M10 Filter Holder | Review


Under desert conditions, I was able to test the Haida M10 filter holder in Death Valley / USA for almost two weeks.

M10 – Review by Duncan Cauchi


After this venture to the Isle of Skye together with the Haida M10 System I can proudly say that I found a filter system that is designed and built to fit all the needs of a landscape photographer in great detail featuring the most innovative engineering