Haida M10 and Red-Diamond test review - Part 1


This test review was based on a shoot around Assynt, a remote area of the Northern Scottish Highlands uses my Canon 5d mark iv (full frame camera). Tested at the widest focal length I use, 16mm with my Canon 16-35 mm USM L lens. Gitzo tripod and ball head

Haida M10 Filter System Holder Review


Recently my good friends at Haida asked me to review their new M10 Filter Holder System. The filter holder is made from aviation grade aluminum and PC materials, resulting in a strong and durable filter holder that is also lightweight. It’s designed to al

Review: Haida M10 Filter Holder Kit


I was very curious for the new M10 holder after seeing it at the last Photokina in Cologne, because in my oppinion all of the drawbacks have been addressed and removed with the new M10 holder

Review: Haida M10 Filter Holder Kit & Red-Diamond Filters


From using polarisers to cut glare, to neutral density (ND) filters to manipulate shutter speed, filters are a staple piece of equipment in any photographer’s camera bag. Dylan Giannakopoulos looks at a new arrival in the Australian filter market.

M10 Holder Filter with Red-Diamond Filter


I have already tested the filters and am completely overwhelmed !! So far, I have worked with the penultimate series and the last one, the NanoPro series and thought that there is hardly any room for improvement at the moment, these high-end products are

Review - The new Haida M10 Filter System


At some stage, all landscape photographers will look to invest in a filter system to help them take their photography to the next level.