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Krzysztof Zaniewski

Haida Co-photographer


About Krzysztof Zaniewski:

I was born in 1982 and I live in Warsaw. I started my professional adventure in this field as a filmmaker. However, photography very quickly became the main field of my professional activities. I am passionate about photographing architecture and landscape. From big city frames to the wildest and most distant corners of other continents - it is there that I look for a reflection of my inner needs, implementing my own photographic projects. Every day I deal with advertising photography for companies and their architectural investments. As an educator i run online photography classes in the field of post-production and i am expanding offer of photographic trips to South America and beyond. In my work, I try to go beyond the standard one photographic "shot", mixing, if necessary, various techniques of shooting, as well as post-production activities. In my works you will often find solutions such as focal blending, blending exposures, time blending, focus stacking or various complex panoramas.

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Facebook: Chrisactive - Krzysztof Zaniewski


Representative Works

Bled M10_副本_副本.jpg

Tatra Mountain Poland M15_副本.jpg

Ghent M15_副本.jpg

Vilnoss M10_副本.jpg

Prague M10_副本.jpg

Sanrorini M10_副本_副本.jpg