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Ryszard Lomnicki

Haida Co-Photographer

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About Ryszard Lomnicki:

My name is Ryszard Lomnicki. I was born in Poland; however, I am currently living in Galway, located on the west coast of Ireland. I specialize in long exposure and landscape photography. Photography empowers me to travel and spend time in the wild, which is one of the many positive aspects of being a photographer, at least from my perspective.  My photos have been published in many magazines worldwide. I have won many photo competitions, won many medals from the world's major photographic federations, and received many awards. I have several original photo exhibitions on my account.

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Representative Works

Cliffs of Moher_Ryszard Lomnicki_副本.jpg

Fanad Head Lighthouse_Ryszard Lomnicki_副本.jpg

Niedzica Castle_Ryszard Lomnicki_副本.jpg

Connemara___Ryszard Lomnicki_副本.jpg

Jaszczurowka__Ryszard Lomnicki_副本.jpg

Fishing House_Ryszard Lomnicki_副本.jpg