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Anshul Bhatia

Haida Co-photographer

Anshul Portrait.jpg

About Anshul Bhatia

Anshul Bhatia is a New York City based cityscape and landscape photographer. He has travelled extensively across the United States of America and chronicled his travels with perspectives of sprawling skylines and natural vistas. Anshul specializes in Long Exposure photography and enjoys creating ethereal scenes with extremely long exposure images. The Haida M10 filter system and Red Diamond ND filters are always a part of his camera bag. Anshul is a strong believer in regularly updating his photography and editing skills. Adept in Adobe suite of tools for photo editing, Anshul is now enjoying video creation and specifically Timelapse photography. He is dabbling with new software like LRTimelapse, Premier Pro and After Effects as he explores his new interest in the area. 

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