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Dominique Weiss

Haida Co-photographer

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About Dominique Weiss

Dominique is a multi-award-winning exhibiting fine art photographer & photo adventure tour guide, highly passionate about dramatic alpine landscapes and the magic those giants embody. Playing with light and shadow, different perspectives and techniques to tell emotionally captivating photographic stories is her signature. Her photographs take beholders on a journey to higher grounds, where the air is fresh and filled with the scent of new beginnings, portraying the beauty of nature in her purest form. 

Dominique takes inspiration from her travels, nature and mostly alpine landscapes where she captures grand landscapes, but also more intimate frames and closeups. Her fine artworks have been associated with the works of Karl Christian Ludwig Hofer and Magic Realism is her home. 

Dominique is located in central Switzerland and addresses current social issues such as recentering, self-reflection and conservation with her artworks and invites everyone to discussions on her social media accounts.

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