Ambassadors & Co-photographers

Le Huy

Haida Co-Photographer


About Le Huy:

Le Huy is a professional photographer from Vietnam, specializing in landscape photography. Le Huy's passion is to set foot in all parts of the country, to capture the image of a brilliant and lyrical Vietnam. As a photography enthusiast from a very young age, he has recorded his footprint on many paths, bringing in many photos that have won many awards in domestic and foreign competitions. The artist's soul and his experiences make him unique. Le Huy's photos portray a unique perspective on Vietnam's beautiful landscapes, where everyone can see them but cannot feel their full beauty. Le Huy's photos touch viewers' hearts, bring dissimilar emotions and urge the steps of discovery.

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Representative Works

clear night filter_副本.jpg

clear night_副本.jpg

clear nigtht_副本.jpg

cpl haida_副本.jpg


Filter ND6 stop and gnd 3 stop_副本.jpg

ND 6 stop and gnd3 stop_副本.jpg