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Daniel Trippolt

Haida Co-photographer


About Daniel

My name is Daniel Trippolt, I was born in 1992 and I come from Carinthia / Austria. I have been taking photos since I was 12 years old. In the meantime, I have turned my hobby into a profession and work as a trained professional photographer. I can look forward to numerous national and international prizes (professional photographer of the year in Carinthia, awards in the Hartlauer photo gallery, best Austrian photo Cewe “Our world is beautiful” and among the best 1st place of the Epson Pano Award 2019 in the category “Built Environment / Architecture "And 2nd place in the Epson Pano Award 2020 in the" Built Environment / Architecture "category). My greatest passion is landscape photography. Here I am very much concerned with hyperreal landscape photography, which distinguishes me from the majority of Austrian landscape photographers. In my pictures, I mostly work with so-called "Timeblendings". This means that I often spend a long time in the same place to capture different lighting moods and then combine them in post-production. Although my images consist of multiple exposures, good filters are very important to me. Not a single picture is made without a filter. Haida Filter has been a constant companion in my landscape photography since my beginnings. I am glad that I have found a good and reliable partner in Haida Filter.

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