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Nando Harmsen

Haida Co-Photographer


About Nando

Nando Harmsen is a landscape and wedding photographer. He started photographing in 1980 and made the transition to digital back in 2005. At the present time, he is working as a photography teacher at the Dutch Photofacts Academy platform, sharing his knowledge about photography in its broadest spectrum. He has a Dutch blog about his photography, where he shares a lot of information and reviews of a variety of cameras, lenses, and other equipment. Nando is a senior writer at, and is a freelance writer for Dutch photography magazines. 

Nando loves photographing impressive landscapes, preferably mountains and water in moody conditions. His pictures are from Lofoten, Faroe Islands, and the France Auvergne and Opal Coast. But also the typical Dutch landscapes with the Dutch skies can be found among his portfolio.

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