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Ferdiantio Jeremiah

Haida Co-Photographer


About Ferdiantio

Hello, my name is Ferdiantio Jeremiah Setiawan from Indonesia. I was born in 1998. The beauty of Indonesia makes me realize that everyone should know more about Indonesia. Started photography as my hobby in 2016, I finally take it seriously about landscape photography in 2017. Indonesia has a lot of extraordinary natural beauties, either the mountains or the seas. The beauty of Indonesia makes me not only capture in a still photo, but also in video. Yup, I also do videography, such as travel and commercial videography. It is an honor for me to join Haida Indonesia Team and Fujifilm X Influencer Team since 2019. With Haida I can produce the best images easily, which only needs a little post-processing, both in photography and videography.

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