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Gary Bhaztara

Haida Co-Photographer


About Gary

I’m an adventure photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Member of Haida Indonesia since 2018. I started practicing nature & landscape photography a few years ago. I love nature and landscape photography because this is showing me how beautiful our world is. You don’t need to live in fancy places to find beauty. Too many tutors and experts that I learned, and I always improve the technique of taking pictures and post-processing the images in this field. It makes me the lack of sleep and long hours worth it!

Since I started in this field, I learn to understand the seasons' change, movement of the waves and tides, earth rotation and revolution, moon & stars positions. I feel the earth ambiance and it will be a nice story in my life. I don’t know what will be the upcoming days and years but I hope that I will be still in this field and what my heart wants to do. Landscape photography is definitely a part of this.

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