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Irwan Budiman

Haida Co-Photographer


About Irwan

Born and raised in Indonesia, Irwan S Budiman is a self-taught photographer focused on Landscape Photography. Irwan started his interest in photography in 2012, he shots almost everything in the beginning; landscapes, macro and still life. Until 2017, it was Landscape Photography that fascinated him and became his passion since then. Being a general practitioner with tight schedules, made him has to appreciate his free time to fulfill his passion. He enjoying every second spent from capturing the moment, and putting his creativity and imagination in post-processing. He crafts the image with eye-catching vibrant, or cool refreshing tones to fit his perception about beauty. You can enjoy his works on Instagram @irwansbudiman. Thanks to photography that he has grown his passion to travel for nature and remote destinations. Besides capturing the beauty of Indonesia, he has shot epic places such as New Zealand, Iceland, and Japan. The next destination will be Patagonia, and more in his wish-list destination in the future. 

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