Ambassadors & Co-photographers

Muhamad Arif Ikhwani

Haida Co-Photographer


About Muhamad

My name is Muhamad Arif Ikhwani from Indonesia and I was born in Bandung City on 6 July 1992. Starting from My Hobby is Photography.

I am an individual who likes to learn many topics about photography and at the same time develop my knowledge of photography from 2012 until now.  I have tried a lot of photography genres to deepen it but finally, I found a Landscape Photography. Then I deepened even more and finally won many awards, especially from the Landscape Photography photo contest and that give me a lot of experience.

Then the very unbelievable thing came, so very surprised I was trusted to be an influencer Haida Filter System and more precisely became a trust to promote Haida Filters in Indonesia.

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