Ambassadors & Co-photographers

Mauricio Fabián Narea Pizarro

Haida Co-Photographer

Tamron Chile Ambassador

Killstore Chile Ambassador


About Mauricio

Based in Los Andes city, Chile at the foot of the heart of the Andes mountain, I live photography as a link between the nature that surrounds us and the viewer. Beyond looking for a visual discourse, I like to portray the infinite moving capacity of our natural environment. I enjoy the pre-sunrises and sunsets waiting for that perfect light that exalts the postcards. I see in photography a form of artistic expression, but above all, a perfect medium to give fair value to our environment, creating awareness of how privileged we are to be able to enjoy nature, but also of the enormous responsibility we have as caregivers and preservers of it.

I am Tamron Chile and Killstore Chile Ambassador and I have won several Chilean photography awards in competitions such as Natphoto-Fuji, Canon-Copec, Natphoto-Marca Chile, Kodak Fullcollor Contest, and Ladera Sur.

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