Haida Red-Diamond Medium 0.9 Review

Author: Jenny Cameron

The Red Diamond filter I am testing is a medium 0.9 equaling 3 Stops. Rectangle in shape and sized 100mm x 150mm, providing more flexibility to move the filter up or down within the holder for ultimate control, homogeneous graduated blending from light to dark and endless creative possibilities. I really enjoyed using this filter in combination with the M10 filter holder. It's fun the way you can rotate the holder if you want to darken the sky on one side or turn it upside down if you're looking over bright highlighted water.

红钻Banner 2.jpg

I predict this latest series from Haida becoming "The big daddy" of them all for landscape photographers the world over. Haida named this new series "Red Diamond" as they're amongst the strongest diamonds in the world, therefore being the strongest of all Haida filters.

What makes this series stand out from its predecessor and other brand filters are listed as follows:

Shock resistant, low risk to any accidental damage.

Scratch resistant, the perfect partner in demanding weather.

Zero colour cast.

Waterproof, oil and fingerprint proof Nanopro coated surface.

Improved optical glass.

R5 rounded corners – makes it easier to slide in and out of the filter holder, no sharp corners.

K9 optical glass.

True colour.

Ultra-thin nano multi coating.

Easy to clean.

Double the strength of other glass filters whilst at the same time retaining ultimate sharpness.

Still retaining 2 mm in thickness making it compatible with the Haida 100-Pro filter holder and other brands the same size.

The Red Diamond series is double the strength of a normal glass filter. You may have seen online the Haida Red Diamond drop test video? Where it's thrown onto a concrete floor and no sign of damage to the filter. If you are accident prone this would be the perfect filter series for you.

Images below showing straight-out-of-camera (Canon 5d mark iv and Canon 16-35mm USM L Lens) @16mm -With-without-Red Diamond medium 0.9 (3 stops). No post processing on either, other than lens correction in Lightroom.

Jenny 1 20190514 no filter_副本.gif

Finally post processed in Adobe Creative Cloud

Jenny 1 20190514.jpg

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