Haida M10 Filter Holder | Review

Author: Frank Leinz

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Under desert conditions, I was able to test the Haida M10 filter holder in Death Valley / USA for almost two weeks.

Wind, sand and salt were the focus here. The challenges that my equipment usually has to master, namely the beach, wet sand and salt water, are coming up in the Azores in a few weeks. I will add these experiences here.

The Haida M10 filter holder comes in a sturdy and hinged filter box. In addition to the adapter ring and holder there is a drop-in polarization filter and a drop-in light barrier, in case no filter should be used in the drop-in slot. On the box, which is provided with sturdy zippers, is still a practical carabiner for attachment to the tripod or belt.

The holder comes standard with two plug-in filter inserts in the front part of the holder. An extension set is included to supplement a third slot if required.


The functional system of the M10 filter holder is very simple. First screw the adapter ring (available in many sizes) to the lens. Then clip the holder. Finished!

Then you can choose whether or which drop-in filter you want and / or add up to three additional slot filters (ND 100x100 mm or GND 100x150 mm).

The drop-in CPL filter has a small wheel up to turn. This makes it freely adjustable at any time.

There are many different filters available for the drop-in slot.

More information here.

Both the adapter ring and the holder are made of a black anodized, high-strength yet lightweight aluminum alloy.

The red release lever is also made of solid metal.

The fact that the CPL filter is inserted practically directly in front of the lens effectively avoids vignetting.

I tested the filter holder system on the Canon 5D Mark IV - full frame - with focal lengths of 16-400 mm and could not detect any vignetting.

Used lenses

• Canon EF 16-35mm 1: 4 L IS USM

• Canon EF 70-200mm f / 2.8L IS II USM

+ 2x extender on the telephoto, so up to 400 mm


My conclusion

After the relatively short test phase I am really convinced of the idea and the practical application of the holder system. Starting with the adapter ring, which has reasonable dimensions, when installing or uninstalling one does not hurt one's fingers, I especially like the drop-in slot.

Everyone knows the classic: You start photographing shortly before the golden hour and you need a ND filter. Then it has to go fast to capture the perfect photo. At some point, the light goes into the blue hour after sunset; also a great lighting mood. At least now you have to say goodbye to the ND filter, which often costs valuable time, if you also have a gradient filter in front. Who does not know this fumbling?

With the M10 system you simply pull the ND out of the drop-in slot, plug in the light barrier or CPL and take another picture right away. The change takes a maximum of 1-2 seconds. Of course, this works just as well at sunrise the other way.

More information

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In the Death Valley / USA with the Haida M10 filter holder (Haida Drop-In ND 3.0 + Haida Red Diamond Medium 0.9) exposure time 2.5 minutes

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