Haida Picture Appreciation | June 2024

This month's photography theme is "Sea, Mountains, and Water", let's appreciate some amazing photos taken by our excellent official Haida Ambassadors with Haida filters!


There are times when, to find the right spot, I have to (and I love!) walking for hours; possibly in remote places, far from everything and everyone. 

But there are times when it is enough to do what we do every day, perhaps among people, and look around.

I decided to shoot in this place while enjoying the evening with friends in a tapas bar in Tenerife. Immediately underneath the club there was a ladder that led to this small cove... and so, with a cocktail in one hand and the remote control in the other, this shot was born.

I decided to capture the texture of the waves, so I had to merge two different shots, one for the sea (1/4'', using Haida Red Diamond ND64) and the other for the sky (8 seconds, Haida Red Diamond ND64). For both the shots I used Haida Red Diamond GND 0.9 hard edge.


Sony A7R III + 16-35mm @16mm


F/11 | ISO 100


Haida Red Diamond ND64 Filter

Haida Red Diamond Hard GND0.9 Filter


In the heart of Glen Coe, Scotland, I framed the majestic River Coupall with my 24-70mm. The sky was overcast and moody, I used my Red Diamond filters for this one, the key to capturing this fleeting beauty. With a 2-second exposure, The flowing river transformed into a silky ribbon, flowing gracefully through the rugged landscape. The mountain stood to the side for this one. The light was fading so I had to work fast. Each click of the shutter was a step closer to preserving the magic of this wild place. As the light shifted, the true essence of Glen Coe unfolded in my image, another good day out in the Scottish Highlands.


Nikon D750 24-70mm


F/8 | 2 sec | ISO 100


Haida Red Diamond 0.9 Filter, the 3 stops


Late afternoon on a Norwegian mountainscape. Fading thunderstorm opens up and sun lights the scenery revealing texture of the rough terrain. Circular polarizer used for removing reflection on the water to reveal bottom and creating effect of depth. Soft gradual filter used for balancing dynamic range on whole scenery.


Sony A7RIV

Sony GM 16-35, @16mm


F/11 | 1/50 sec | ISO 200


Haida M10-II, Drop-in CPL, Red Diamond Soft Grad ND1.2 Filter


Beautiful textures in the water as a foreground with soft warm light of the low sun shining through the moisture of the waterfall in the north of Iceland.


Nikon Z7II

Laowa 15mm


F22 | 10 sec | ISO 100

Haida Magnetic ND0.9 Filter

6月摄影师作品欣赏NewsLetter-1.jpgThe photo is entitled “AN ENDLESS DREAM” and was taken in Iceland, on the Snæfellsnes peninsula.

I used the ND 0.9 drop-in filter for the photo to extend the exposure time. I also used the GND 0.9 Red Diamond.


Nikon Z7ii 14 mm


F9 | 1 sec | ISO 64    


Haida ND0.9 Filter

Haida Red Diamond GND0.9 Filter