Experience the Spectacular Ring of Fire this October with Haida Solar Filters!

This October, get ready to witness the awe-inspiring Annular Solar Eclipse, a rare natural phenomenon that promises to leave you breathless. Haida Filters is here to make sure you experience it in all its glory, safely and vividly.

Annular Solar Eclipse - Save the Date!
Date: The Saturday, Oct. 14, 2023
Time: In the U.S., the annular solar eclipse begins in Oregon at 9:13 a.m. PDT and ends in Texas at 12:03 p.m. CDT.
Location: North, Central, and South America. It will be visible in parts of the United States, Mexico, and many countries in South and Central America.

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The Annular Solar Eclipse is a unique event where the moon covers the center of the sun, leaving a magnificent "ring of fire" effect around its edges. This phenomenon is truly a sight to behold, and we want to ensure you experience it safely and with unmatched clarity.

Introducing Haida Solar Filter Series

To guarantee a memorable and secure viewing experience, Haida offers an exceptional range of solar filters in both round and square shapes. Our precision-crafted filters are designed to safeguard your eyes and camera equipment while providing unparalleled clarity of the eclipse.

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Why Choose Haida Solar Filters?

Ultra-Dark Filter: Our ultra-dark filter increases exposure by an impressive 17 stops and 20 stops without affecting image coloration.

Premium Materials: Made of K9 optical glass with a multicoating to optimize light transmission and minimize glare.

Resistance Coating: Features a resistance coating that resists scratches, water, and fingerprints, making it easy to clean and suitable for use in harsh environments.

Slim Design: The slim aluminum filter ring allows it to be used on wide-angle lenses without vignetting.

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Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime event - equip yourself with Haida Solar Filters and be prepared to witness the Annular Solar Eclipse in all its splendor!


Explore Haida Filters at and capture the eclipse like never before. Remember to order the filters through our authorized dealers for a seamless experience!