Review for the Haida Magnetic ND Filter Kit

By Sergio Arias

Magnetic filters are very popular these days. These types of filters allow us to save time when putting or removing them on the lens. I’ve received Haida Magnetic Filters and have been using them for some time. Here is my fair and honest review on them.

The downside of traditional circular filters is that you have to screw them on. These types of circular filters are usually ND, that is, neutral density, which means that they barely let light through to the sensor. On SLR cameras, for example, having an ND filter attached to the lens prevents us from seeing through the viewfinder, which means we have to remove it to frame and focus, and then screw it back on.


With Haida magnetic filters we only need to screw a ring on the lens and leave it permanently. When buying the ring we have to know the diameter of the lens that we are going to use. You can see how fine the ring is.


There is a magnetic cover for it so that the lens does not get dirty.  At the moment in which we want to put a filter, we only have to remove the cover and paste the filter. This action is very fast, which allows us to get any photo at any time. Unlike other filters that I have tried, with the Haida there are no doubts when placing them in one direction or another. Remember that they are magnets, and that you have to put the negative side with the positive side. These filters have each side well differentiated, in fact, the part that must be brought closer to the ring is a little narrower, making it very easy to know how to place them correctly.


The first thing that caught my attention was the size of the case where the filters put. It is very small, which allows me to take it anywhere, even hanging it from my backpack or pants thanks to its hook. Inside we have different compartments, like in a filter bag.


The kit comes with a 6-stop ND filter, a 10-stop ND filter, and a polarizing filter, all magnetic.


The optical quality of these filters maintains the level of the rest of the filters that Haida manufactures. The glass is of the highest quality, obtaining good sharpness and maintaining a very neutral color. Precisely due to its high quality, several filters can be superimposed.


Thanks our professional photographer @sergioariasfoto for sharing his true feelings about Haida magnetic filters. Really appreciate the honest review and photos!

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