Looking for Customer Reviews of the PROII CPL-VND 2 in 1 Filter


Since we released the brand-new PROII CPL-VND 2-in-1 filter, it has been loved by numerous photographers. Here we warmly invite you, who have been using PROII CPL-VND 2-in-1 filter, to post your true feelings about the filter on your social media. As long as your post gains more than 100 likes and more than 50 comments, you will have a chance to get our gifts!


Event Time: 2022.11.11 - 2022.12.20



1. Post your own review about the Haida PROII CPL-VND 2-in-1 filter on your social media (Instagram, Facebook or Twitter). The review should include the photos you taken with the CPL-VND filter, the photos or videos of the CPL-VND filter, and your true feelings of using it.

2. Follow @Haida Filter and use the hashtag #haidacplvnd2in1



The First Prize: One Haida Filter within a retail price of $200 + a Haida Anti-fog Belt

The Second Prize: One Haida Filter within a retail price of $150

The Third Prize: $50 amazon gift card


We will rank the winners based on the popularity of the posts and we will select 1 winner for the first prize, 1 winner for the second prize and the 2 winners for the third prize.



Terms & Conditions:

1. Haida reserves the right to interpret the event.

2. Winners shall DM us your shipping info within 5 working days upon the announcement.

3. Prizes will be shipped out within 15 working days.



Haida Christmas Kits are under pre-sale now and many photographers have already ordered them. Both Haida M10 Christmas Kit and M10-II Christmas Kit are very useful and high-quality. They are the best gifts for landscape photographers, so please be sure to order in time to avoid holiday rush~


The Haida M10-II Christmas Kit

M10 Filter Holder

Adapter Rings(67,72,77,82mm)

M10 Drop-in CPL Filter

M10 Drop-in ND 1.8 Filter

Red-Diamond ND 3.0 Filter

Red-Diamond Soft GND 0.9 Filter

Adapter Ring Caps *4

Cleaning Cloth

M10 Filter Bag


The Haida M10-II Christmas Kit

M10-II Filter Holder

Adapter Rings(67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm)

Drop-in Nano-coating CPL Filter

Red-Diamond ND 1.8 and ND 3.0 Filter

Red-Diamond Soft GND 0.9 Filter

Cleaning Cloth 

M10 Filter Bag


Please order them from our authorized dealers in your country!