NanoPro Filters And Lens Hoods For Fujifilm X100 Series!

As the classic series of best quality, Fujifilm X100 series has obtained the consistent high praises, including the pioneering work X100, the innovative X100S, X100T, X100F and X100V. People who have Fujifilm X100 Series urge us strongly to produce filters for them, today, they are here! 


This time, we develop the most practical 3 products for Fuji X100, which are Haida NanoPro X100 Clear Filter, Haida NanoPro X100 Mist Black 1/4 Filter and Haida X100 Lens Hood ! Haida NanoPro Fujifilm X100 Series adopt K9 Optical Glass and Aerospace Aluminum, which are waterproof, oil-proof and scratch-proof. 


It is worth mentioning that Haida NanoPro Fujifilm X100 Series is compatible for X100, X100S, X100T, X100F and X100V. 


Simply remove the existing front ring from the camera body, then attach the filter by rotating it clockwise until the bayonet mechanism locks into place.


NanoPro-X100-遮光罩 白底图-2.jpg

Using a lens hood helps to protect your lens from accidental impact and the elements. Besides, it is also able to minimize flare and ghosting by blocking out stray light.

What’s more, Haida designs 2 color options (silver and black) for you to combine filters and lenses perfectly.




Another creative and special design of Haida is the non-glare matte finish on the interior surface of silver one, black one is all-black design.


More Information about NanoPro for Fuji X100 Series

Haida NanoPro for Fuji X100 Series is under pre-sale now and please order them from our authorized dealers in your country! Otherwise, we’ll add suitable lens cap for each filter to protect your lenses!


Haida NanoPro X100 Series Free Trial

Haida NanoPro X100 Filters dedicated for Fujifilm X100 Series Digital Cameras are launching today! We would like to invite you to experience the whole series filters, which include Haida NanoPro X100 Clear Filter (silver or black), Haida NanoPro X100 Mist Black 1/4 Filter (silver or black), Haida X100 Lens Hood(silver or black)! People who have Fujifilm X100 Series Digital Cameras are welcome to join in the activity!



Haida NanoPro X100 Series for Fujifilm X100 Series Digital Cameras

(includes Haida NanoPro X100 Clear Filter, Haida NanoPro X100 Mist Black 1/4 Filter and Haida X100 Lens Hood)


*Every filter has 2 color options(silver, black) and you can choose the color you prefer.


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