Haida PROII Variable ND Filters Make Shooting More Easier

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A good variable ND filter is the ideal companion for videographers, filmmakers and photographers. Haida PROII VND filter give you flexibility in controlling the amount of light entering the lens, and can be adjusted to different levels of opacity, meaning you can block a lot or relatively little light with the same filter.




Haida PROII VND filters allow photographers to slow down shutter speeds to create stunning long exposures. Moving people can be erased from urban scenes and dramatic light trails can be created.


If you have a 3-stop ND filter installed on your lens but you want 5-stop ND effects, then you have no choice but to replace the 5-stop filter, which not only takes a lot of time, but also increases the breakage chances of your filters. If you have a Haida PROII VND filter in your hands, it will help you take photos more easier.


No matter if you’re a traveling videographer, nomad filmmaker, or union cinematographer, you will need a good VND filter to help capture cinematic-looking cinematography. Then Haida PROII VND filter (1.5-5 stops) is your best chioce!

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