Haida Magnetic Filters Versus Screw-in and Square filters


Are you tired of carrying bulky and expensive square filters around to take pictures? Do you find it time-consuming to use Screw-in filters? Then you can turn your attention to Haid's magnetic filters.
Friends who have used magnetic filters know that the magnetic filters’ disassembly method is much more convenient than traditional screw-in filters. It is very common to change different filters frequently when shooting outdoors. Being fast and efficient, the magnetic design can avoid the irreversible wear and tear of the lens screw caused by frequent disassembly and assembly of the threaded filter.


Haida Magneitic Filter Kit


When you get this magnetic filter kit, your first impression is small. It's really small. This textured filter bag has the same specifications as the M10 filter bag, but the volume is a whole circle smaller than the M10 filter bag.



The bottom is the M10 filter bag, and the top is the magnetic filter bag.


Stacking all the magnetic filters, adapter rings, and magnetic lens caps is less than a one-dollar coin.


The second feeling is light. All filters are designed for ultra-wide angle without vignetting, so they are thin and light. The monolithic filter is only 23g.



Easy to Install and Switch

It is very easy to install and remove the Haida Magnetic Filter. After screwing on the adapter ring, the magnetic filter can be directly attached, and the suction force is absolutely sufficient, so there is no need to worry about the magnetic filter falling off. The biggest advantage of the magnetic filter is that it is extremely fast to switch the filter. Pull it open and put it on. It is much faster than the traditional screw-in filters and the square insert filter of the M10.



If you want to use more than one ND filter, just place another one on top. Here, you can see the NanoPro ND 3.0 and the ND 1.8 filters. 


The NanoPro Magnetic ND filter fits perfectly and prevents any light leaks. Removing or changing the filter is easy.


Price Comparisons

Square ND filters, owned by most landscape photographers, are bulky and expensive. However, Haida magnetic ND filters cost less than square ND filters and present the same effect as square ND filters.

Haida NanoPro Magnetic ND3.0 Filter with Adapter Ring (72mm)

Haida 150 x 150mm Red Diamond ND 3.0 Filter (10-Stop)

US$103 (B&H)

US$215 (B&H)

12+12 Multi-layer Coating

With a double-layer 12+12 multi-layer coating, Haida magnetic filters are waterproof and oil-proof. As the ultra-wide-angle lens is often used to shoot water, photographers will be very close to the water in order to pursue the best visual effect, so the filter is easy to keep getting wet with water droplets during the shooting process. With the high-quality waterproof coating filter, photographers no longer have to wipe the filter, but directly blow the water droplets away with great force, so that the filter coating will not be damaged.



The magnetic adapter ring is very thin. The filter itself isn’t protruding that much. This makes it possible to use the NanoPro Magnetic ND filter at 16mm without any vignetting. If you like to stack multiple filters, vignetting will become an issue on extremely wide angle lenses.


Now, let's appreciate some excellent works taken with Haida Magnetic ND Filters by Haida Ambassadors! 





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