Haida Picture Appreciation | May


1 JavierMartinezMoran  Spain.jpg 


The Midi D´Ossau peak, is one of the most impressive and beautiful mountains of the Pyrenees mountain range. The view from the Lacs D´Ayous is truly spectacular. That day, I hiked with my camera gear and my tent in order to capture the milky way arch over the beautiful landscape. The cherry on top of the cake was the low clouds that covered the whole valley. That night I will always remember. 


Sony A7III

Tamron 17-28mm F2.8


15s| f2.8 | ISO 6400


Haida M10 Filter Holder

Haida M10 Drop-in Clear-Night Filter


2  Martin Dolinský  Czech.jpg 


This photo is from trip in Slovenia with my best friend and also my family member. We spent such a great time there, we were sleeping in camps and searching new photo locations. This church is well known in Slovenia and even though we wanted to visit it. We had nice condition so I really enjoyed photographing this place. I love this photo because this spot is amazing and also I have a lot of memories connected with this trip.


66m | 1/20s | f18 | ISO 100

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3 Jarrod Andrews  Australia.jpg 


Light House Image

THE LIGHTHOUSE OF STEEL... STAINLESS STEEL!! 2 weeks on the road in South Australia & quite a small amount of driving by my standard road trip covering just 2300km but what I didn't do in KMs traveled on this trip I sure made up for in hours spent on the beach. This shinny stunning little lighthouse is called the West Cape Lighthouse & I'm not sure if I've ever seen a stainless steel lighthouse before, have you? I remember looking for things of interest on the Yorke Peninsula & this one just screamed out at me as something really cool & something I had to check out. This particular night the clouds were looking super promising so I made the most of it and headed to a great spot in the hope she would light up (the sky that is) not the lighthouse that was a given. There was surprisingly plenty of different types of plants & flowers around here to use as foreground but this one little bush stood out and screamed at me haha it had really cool leaf's & was so green it almost looked like it was glowing. Well after a week of no bangers she definitely delivered this night and I quickly had to remember how to use a camera... I bloody love how this one turned out.

Canon R5
Canon RF 15-35 F2.8

1/6s | f11 | ISO800

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Haida M10 Drop-in CPL Filter

4   Mauricio Narea  Chile.jpg 


Dune Sunset

It might seem that this photo is in the desert, but the truth is that it is in the central coast of Chile, in a place called Longotoma. To access it, you have to do a short 45-minute trek, passing through a forest, bordering a river that flows into the sea and then climbing some dunes. I spent the whole afternoon taking some photos with hard light and exploring the place until I found this composition that I found very attractive. I stayed there to wait for sunset and this was the result.


Tamron 15-30mm G2


15mm | 1/2s | f22 | ISO 100  

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 5  Teguh T Hidayat   Indonesia.jpg 


This photo was taken at Bulakan Beach Anyer Banten Indonesia at Sunset time. Bulakan Beach is located in Anyer, Banten. The distance to the location from Jakarta has a distance of about 3 hours via the toll road. An excellent location to capture the sunset because of its position directly facing the West. One of the beaches favored by local tourists just to enjoy the beauty of the sunset.


Nikon Z50 

Tokina 11-16 ATX Pro DX F2.8

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 6 Frank Leinz  Germany.jpg 


The highest dunes in California

The Eureka Dunes are located in the north of Death Valley National Park and combine two points: they are the highest dunes in the park and they are the least visited. To reach them, you have to make a very long drive from Big Pine or Ubehebe Crater. And the road to get there isn't always in the best condition. In front of the dunes is a dry plain. This contrast is perfect for a sunrise. But beware, it can get very cold.


Canon EOS R6

Canon 16-35 F4


16mm | 1/2s | f11 | ISO 100


Haida M10 Filter Holder

Haida M10 Drop-in CPL Filter

Haida Red-Diamond ND0.9 Filter