Haida Picture Appreciation | February


The Vajolet towers are part of the Catinaccio group and are located in the province of Bolzano. The height of the tower reaches approximately 2,821 meters and is obviously part of the Dolomites. The landscape is breathtaking, it is suspended in the clouds and it takes about 3 hours on foot to get there.


Nikon Z7

Nikkor Z 14-30


15s | ISO 1600


Haida NanoPro Clear-Night Filter


Görele / Giresun


Canon 5D Mark IV

Canon 16-35 f4-16mm


187s | f9 | ISO 50


Haida M10 Filter Holder + Drop-in CPL

Haida Red-Diamond ND 3.0 Filter

Haida Red-Diamond Hard GND 1.2 Filter


An almost unreal landscape can be found on the Croatian island of Pag. Perfect for long exposures like this one. For this photo I used my M15 filter holder with the ND 3.0 filter to have a very long exposure time. This allowed me to let the clouds move long enough and get the water all smooth.

Sigma Art 20mm 1.4

20mm | 120s | f13 | ISO 50

Haida M15 Filter Holder

Haida Red-Diamond ND 3.0 Filter


Black ice - a rare natural phenomenon. This is because frost and precipitation usually coincide at the beginning of winter, so that the frozen lakes in the Engadin are buried under a thick white blanket. Only when temperatures remain below zero and no fresh snow falls does the legendary black ice form.


Black ice is one of my favourite photo subjects, it is rare and looks different every time it happens.

This year, too, the conditions were right and for a short time you could enjoy the natural spectacle.


A crack formed on the shore of the lake due to the movement of the ice, which made a nice foreground for my sunset picture.


Canon Eos 5 Mark IV

Canon 16-35mm 2.8


16mm | 1/8s | f11 | ISO 100


Haida M10 Filter Holder

Haida NanoPro Soft GND 0.9 Filter


I actually visited Niagara Falls more often in Winter than in other seasons as it looked even more majestic and powerful in Winter. In this dawn, it was so freezing, and I saw amazing and surreal ice formation everywhere due to the extreme cold temperature. When the day was breaking, and the first warm sunlight came up and hit the ice formation as well as the powerful waterfalls, the scene became so magical. Without any hesitation I clicked the shutter button, and captured this beautiful moment with my Haida Filter System.

Canon EOS R

Canon 24-105mm, L, F4

24mm | 30s | f6.3 | ISO 100

Haida M10 Filter Holder

Haida Red-Diamond ND 3.0 Filter

Haida Red-Diamond Soft GND 1.2 Filter


I took this photo at the Santa Cruz California light house. This is a sunrise shot.

As I was setting up the shot before sunrise, the marine layer started to dissipate and created a beautiful dramatic sky. Normally, the thick marine layer blanket makes this area of the California coast difficult to photograph, but that morning I got lucky.

Nikon D850

Nikon 16-35mm F4

1/4s | f8 | ISO 200

Haida M10 Filter Holder

Haida Red-Diamond ND 0.9 Filter