Picture Appreciation | December



Any star can be devoured by human adoration, sparkle by sparkle.
--Shirley Temple

Canon EOS R5

Canon RF 15-35 F2.8ISL

25s | ISO 5000

Haida M10-II Filter Holder + Clear-Night

Haida Anti-Fog Belt


Hot & Cold

Icy sunset somewhere in northern Finland 

During last decade,the ice cover on Bay of Bothnia has pull back further and further to north due to climate change. Icelayer is thin at the edges and many times during the winter little stronger winds breaks the icy seabed and gathers loose icebclocks to huge piles. It's somewhat dangerous and wreckless to even try to go there. Carefully climbing over the piles and moving deeper into breakice-zone reveals interesting scenery which is truely out of this world. This shot was taken at sunset. last sunrays sweeps low and creates interesting shadows and paints the scenery with soft light.

Sony A7r4

16mm | 1/100s | f11 | ISO100

Haida M10 Filter Holder + Drop-in CPL

Haida Red-Diamond Soft GND 1.2 Filter


Italian Apennines are a little piece of heaven, far away from the crowded spots made famous by "Insta fanatics". But even in Corno alle Scale National Park, year after year it is more and more difficult to find a moment with few tourists. I decided for a "last minute" night in Corno alle Scale, to catch the last milky way of the season, so I headed up to the old lodge to enjoy a warm soup during the sunset hour..  Well, I missed the soup, but not the sunset!

The final image is a time stack, with a second shot taken half an hour after the first to enhance the lodge lights.

I used Haida Red Diamond GND0.9 hard filter, to equalize the strong luminosity difference between the ground and the sky.

Sony a7rIII

Laowa 15mm f/2

10s | f11 | ISO 1600

Haida Red-Diamond Hard GND 0.9 Filter


Infinite tangle...

A surreal landscape, made even more surreal by this fog that hides the infinite Pacific Ocean!

My dream was to photograph a beautiful sunrise in this place, but the weather conditions were not as i hoped...

A thick fog had made me lose all hope, but i still managed to find a composition that would enhance this beautiful scene...

Nikon D850

Sigma Art 14-24mm f2.8

14mm | 140s | f13 | ISO 100

Haida M15 Filter Holder + Magnetic CPL

Haida Red-Diamond ND 3.0 Filter


Seeming almost weightless, this large rock hangs in the middle of the rushing glacier river. Framed by the falling water and with the magnificent mountain Wellhorn in the background, this composition creates a harmonious image. The Magnetic CPL was the tool I used to create this image. It allowed me to achieve exactly the result that I imagined photographically in this place.

Sigma Art 20mm 1.4

20mm| 1/1.3s | f14 | ISO 100

Haida M15 Filter Holder + Magnetic CPL


Legendary Peaks

Most landscape photographers are familiar with the legendary three peaks and are aware of the difficult accessibility in winter, as the road leading to the destination is closed in winter. But in my favor, I found out in early autumn that it had already snowed there and the road was still open. So I could reach this place under easier conditions. Nevertheless, the night demanded a lot from me, because it was a cold, clear but star-rich night. The three peaks, the perspective, the winter landscape and the starry night make it a legendary photo.

Nikon D750

Sigma 14mm 1.8

Foreground: 20s | f8 | ISO 200

Milky Way: 20s | f2 | ISO 3200

Haida NanoPro Clear-Night Filter