M10 Adapter Ring for Sony 14mm f/1.8 GM Lens Is Coming!

In June, we launched M15 Adapter Ring for Sony 14mm f1.8 GM Lens and the Rear Lens Filter ND Filters and Clear-Night Filters for this lens in April. Today, we are going to unveil Haida M10 Adapter Ring for this lens to meet the needs of our M10 holder owners!


To avoid light leakage and reduce vignetting, please insert M10 dedicated Light Barrier which is specially designed for Sony 14mm f1.8 GM Lens. This adapter ring supports 2 square filters in 100*100mm easily, and it can be rotated in 360 degree with a rotation lock. To be attention, when using the adapter ring, the M10 Drop-in filter can't be used together, while Haida NanoPro CPL 100x100mm can be used together. 


Haida M10 Adapter Ring for Sony 14mm f/1.8 GM Lens is on sale now and please order from our local distributors in your country!

Check the video below to learn how to install this adapter ring correctly~