Functional Cloth For Your lens Or For Your Anything!

This week we're launching two small but rather useful things! The one is Haida Magic Stick-It Wrapper Cloth and the other one is Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth.

Why it's called Magic Stick-It Wrapper? Because it can be stick to itself!
You can have a purse for your credit card, cash or a handbag for accessories or even a proper bag for camera, camera lens immediately with just a simple wrap! It provides incredible protection for your precious private belongings!



Haida Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth is able to easily and safely clean your glass lenses, filters, precision tools, field monitors, binoculars. The soft Microfiber Chamois fabric will not scratch glass or other sensitive surfaces and allows for streak-free cleaning.


Haida Magic Stick-It Wrapper and Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth are on the pre-sale now and learn more details from our distributors!

Congratulations!!! New Awards Won By Haida Photographers

Simon Cmoon | Switzerland


Ryszard Lomnicki | Ireland

Gotowe Pano Awards 2020A - 副本.jpg

Untitled-2 - 副本.jpg

We Are Raw Photography | Australia

-George Triantafillou, Karolin Schild



Hugo Augusto | Portugal



Happy Halloween this Sunday!
Have you prepared the pumpkins and candies for naughty children?
Let's crazy in this funny and magic festival!