Haida Rear Lens Filters for Samyang Are Coming!

Today let's welcome the new members of Haida Rear Lens Filters, they are Haida Rear Lens ND Filter Kit and Haida Rear Lens Clear-Night Filters for Samyang AF 14mm F2.8 RF Lens for Canon RF! 

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Haida Rear Lens Filters for Samyang AF14MM F2.8 RF Lens are on the pre-sale now. Learn more details from our distributors!






Now our rear lens filters family is continuously expanding, please check the filters below to see which is suitable for your lense~

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New Distributors

We're glad to announce our new Vietnam distributor Red Points Audiovisual Company!
Vietnam customers please purchase our products via the link below~


Our new Turkey distributor is live!
You can check and purchase all range of the products of Haida and ask them whatever you want to know about the products.
It is quite convenient to shop directly here

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Haida Newsletter Giveaway in September is still going on!
Subscribe us and you can get the chance to win the $25 Amazon Gift Card~

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