New M15 Haida Filter Holder Magnetic System

Author: Ennio Scarcelli

The filters can be a great tool to have in your camera bag for when the conditions require them. GND, ND and CPL filters are the most commonly used filters and usually used to lengthen or even out the exposure. The GND filters for most golden hours to darken the sky and I can't imagine working by the ocean, waterfall, lakes ecc. without an ND filter.

A few years ago I started my adventure with the Haida Filters system for Tamron 15-30 and I am happy with the functionality of the system, and the quality of the filters is incredible.

Today I want to talk about the new system released from Haida Filters: M15 Filter Holder System (magnetic)


Haida M15 Filter Holder:

The new filter holder Haida M15 is well built and can be adapted on the main wide-angle lenses that do not accept screw-in filters, filter manufacturers have stepped up their offerings with larger filter holders and dedicated attachment rings (link) and thanks to its adapter rings:  sizes from 52 to 105mm can be adapted on all the other lenses.


The size and weight of the holder are significantly more than the M10, The size of a 150mm is not indifferent but there's no other way for who use a certain lens.

The M15 allows for both Haida circular filters and 150mm square filters to be mounted simultaneously. The most interesting part of the M15 is the Haida magnetic filters.

Mounting the Adapter and Holder

Each of the dedicated rings is designed to slip over the in-built hood of the extreme-wide angle and has lugs to guide you in mounting it flush. You do not need to remove the lens in order to mount the adapter. From there, all you need to do is tighten the collar on the rear side of the adapter so it locks around the lens. Once that's done, you can simply attach the holder to the ring using the single-pin locking mechanism similar to other holders you may have used. Just remember to insert any magnetic filters before attaching this as they mount between the adapter and the holder. This system works really well and I was able to get it on and off quickly and easily.


Magnetic Filters

The core of the M15 system revolves around the magnetic portion of the holder since be saved much time than the other screw-in round filter. Haida has several different circular filters that can be dropped into the rear side of the holder.

The selection of filters available for this magnetic holder is quite broad at this point with CPL, Clear Night, ND filters, and ND + CPL combo filters being offered. The CPL can be easily rotated with the small gears on the top and bottom of the holder.


The 150mm Slots

The square filter holders on this unit feel sturdy and grip your filters well. The filters are a little more difficult to insert and remove than the smaller M10 filters, but this is a good thing. The filters are much larger and heavier.

Lens Cap Strap

Haida has included a bungee cord strap to keep your manufacturer's slip-on lens cap attached while you have the adapter on the lens.

In Conclusion

The Haida M15 is a great solution, It is available with a wide variety of lens adapters and is easy to attach and use, it is a great system that comes backed up with some excellent filters.

Some Pictures taken with Haida filters: