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Dmitriy Kupratsevich

Haida Co-photographer

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Dmitriy Kupratsevich (Дмитрий Купрацевич) – is Russian professional landscape and travel photographer and traveler. He organizes photo tours in Russia, Europe and Asia. Dmitriy is a winner and a finalist of a series of photo contests: “Russian Wildlife”, “35 awards – 100 BEST Photos”, “My Planet Award”, “The Most Beautiful Country” organised by Russian Geographical Society.

He is a popular author and a bloger publishing his travel reportages in the National Geographic journal, GEO, Russian Photo, PhotoCasa, Prophotos. The full list of his publications can be found at His the most recent interviews have been published in popular Rassian e-magazines:

“Russian Photo”


«Irix blog»

Dmitriy Kupratsevich is an author of a set of video tutorials and master-classes on landscape photography ( Hi is recognized as a photo-expert who have been invited by Canon, Irix, BenQ to perform surveys and test new photogears and camera accessories, e.g.:

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