Ambassadors & Co-photographers

Max Terwindt

Haida Ambassador


About Max Terwindt:

Max was born in 1988 in the east of the Netherlands. From a young age he has always been seeking ways to use his creativity. Starting with drawing and painting, he turned to producing music as a teenager and eventually in his mid twenties switching to photography after he started traveling the world and felt the urge to document it. His photography journey really lifted off after he graduated as a master of science in the field of sustainability. Despite being ready to dive into a job as consultant he instead started to chase his passion, which is dramatic landscape photography. After developing his skills more and more, creating his own signature style and expanding his portfolio with pictures from almost every continent he started organising photo workshops and getting stands at events to sell prints and spots for his photo tours. He loves searching for original perspectives deep into inspiring landscapes at remote locations all over the world during the best light conditions. His photos contain very dramatic and colourful landscapes from many original angles; from the air by drone or helicopter, from very low angles and by framing through objects and elements at the scene. His work has been shared by major travel magazines and platforms and he has won several prizes. 


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