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Jenny Cameron

Haida Co-Photographer

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About Jenny

Jenny Cameron is a British fine art landscape photographer known for her unique, creative and evocative style based in the northern Scottish Highlands. She always had a passion for the great outdoors and travel, and most of her holidays and free time were either spent long-distance backpacking, hiking, climbing, or skiing. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with a rare bone disease aged 35 which put an end to her adventures and spiraled into a dark place. A few years later she found solace taking photos whilst walking her dogs in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland using a basic point/ shoot camera. Finally took the plunge and purchased her first Canon DSLR in October 2015. Jenny has had many local & international successes over the past few years including displaying her landscape images in American, English & Scottish art exhibitions, the front cover publication of the prestigious Scottish Field magazine also several other photography magazine publications and became Ambassador to Haida filter and YouPic also collaborations with Topaz Labs and Adobe.

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