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Haida Red-Diamond Medium GND 0.9 | Review


If you recall the last sunset you tried to shot, for sure you will also recall the challenge that every photographer faces. If you expose for the sky you get a dark foreground, if you expose for the foreground then your sky gets blowned away…

Why Filter, Why Haida


Filters are an important complement for every landscape photographer.

Using a Graduated ND Filter to Balance the Sky


There are three main types of filters I'm using: polarizers, ND filters and graduated ND filters. All of them have different purposes and today I concentrate on one of the graduated ND filters from Haida's Red-Diamond series.

Haida Red-Diamond Nanopro Filter First Impressions


Picking up from the success of Haida's Nanopro line of filters, the filter company's latest line of Red Diamond filters promises all the previous advantages of the Nanopro filters, in addition to being up to twice as strong as conventional glass filters.

New red diamond series, clear night filter and more-Part 3


What I really, really like about the red diamond and the Nano Pro MC filters and do not want to miss anymore is how durable and easy to clean the multi coated filters are.

New red diamond series, clear night filter and more - part 2


New Red Diamond Series Part 2               --clear night filter and moreOffer: Kai HornungPolarizerA polarizing filter is a basic filter you should include in your arsenal. What it does is reducing glare, for examp