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Review: Haida M10 Filter Holder Kit

Author: Thomas Buchmann

Haida sent me their brand new M10 filter holder for a test. I've been using Haida filters for five years now, but i was always using holders from different brands because i liked the handling more compared to the old Haida holder.

I was very curious for the new M10 holder after seeing it at the last Photokina in Cologne, because in my oppinion all of the drawbacks have been addressed and removed with the new M10 holder. In the following review, i will specifically address my personal requirements for a filter holder from my perspective as a landscape photographer.


The Filter Holder Kit comes with a beautiful eco leather case, which can be attached to your backpack with a snap hook


The Kit includes the following pieces:

- An adapter ring which is attached to the filter mount of your lens. In my case, the adapterring is 77mm (because the lenses I use for landscape photography, e.g. Canon EF 16-35 f4 L IS USM, all come with a 77mm mount).


Of course there are also adapter rings available for other lens mounts, ranging from 49mm up to 82mm.

- The M10 filter holder with two filter slots, able to take 100mm x 150mm and 100mm x 100mm square filters. Additional slots and a tool to attach them are also included in the kit


- A circular polarizer for the drop-in filter slot, c.f. The polarizer can be adjusted with the small wheel on top of it, even with the filter holder attached to the camera. Haida provides a wide range of different filters for the drop-in slot, e.g. ND filter (stops from 1 to 12 are available), Graduated ND filters, a Clear-Night filter and a dedicated 2 in 1 filter combining a Circular Polarizer and a ND filter.


- A light barrier for the drop-in filter slot, which must be used when no other drop-in filter is inserted to avoid light leaks.


One of the biggest concerns when you are out in the field is the handling of the used equipment. The M10 filter is very easy to handle (it can be done with one hand ;) ) with only a few steps needed: 

(a) screw the adapter ring on your lens,

(b) pull the little red lever and attach the holder to the adapter ring, and finally 

(c) insert the light barrier or a drop-in filter.


During the last weeks, i was able to test the filter holder out in the field. The filter holder can easily be attached, even with gloves. Changing the light barrier or the drop-in filter may be performed just in a few seconds. This is in my oppinion

one of the greatest benefits: While inserting or removing a square (e.g. 100x100mm) ND filter with a conventional filter holder requires both hands and sometimes even removing the holder, the same process just requires two fingers and a few seocnds now!

And another positive effect: Since it is made from "aviation grade" aluminium, the filter holder is very light and does not add any noticeable weight to your camera bag. Perfect for long hikes :)


The Filter holder, with Red Diamond 0.9 Medium filter and a drop-in ND 4.5 just being inserted.

Build quality:

As said above, both the adapter ring and the filter holder are made from "aviation grade" aluminium making it very light and very stable at the same time. 


For several years i was waiting for a comfortable holder system like this: Especially with a mechanism that allows to quickly insert or remove ND filters without having to use both hands and/or to remove the filter holder.

I also like the fact that the polarizer is also available as a drop-in filter. Other brands require to screw the polarizer into the adapter ring which is then attached to the lens. If you want to remove the polarizer, you have to

remove the filter holder first. This is not required here. The polarizer can be inserted and removed at any time without having to remove the filter holder.

Without Filter

16mm, f/16, ISO 100, 1/80s

M10 filter holder + Red-Diamond Medium ND0.9

16mm, f/16, ISO 100, 1/80s

 M10 filter holder + Red-Diamond Medium ND0.9 + M10 Drop-in ND4.5 (32000x) 

16mm, f/16, ISO 100, 390"


Without Filter 

16mm, f/11, ISO 100, 1/40s


 M10 filter holder + Red-Diamond Medium ND0.9 + M10 Drop-in ND4.5 (32000x) 

16mm, f/11, ISO 100, 800"